Domaine Py



The extreme North of the 'Corbières'

Between Narbonne and Carcassonne, the « Montagne d’Alaric » is a landmark one cannot miss from the motorway, at the extreme North of the Corbières.
In Douzens, at its foot, Domaine Py is an old family property where Jean Pierre started elaborating his own Cuvees in 2003.

After the installation everything had to be created. The layout of the buildings, the cellar and the bottling room, the development of production  required 5 years of intense work . The next step was organic in 2008.
Converting 130 hectares of vines into organic agriculture in 3 years was not without risk,
Beyond the material investment needed,  it is the organization of work that had to be rethought as a whole.  The result is  outstanding and well rewarded.


Domaine Py