Domaine Lignères Lathenay


In the heart of Minervois

Domaine Lignères Lathenay is located in Siran, in the heart of Minervois, close to Minerve which gave its name to this area.

East from Carcassonne this family Estate grows on 18 hectares premium vineyards of syrah, cinsault, carignan and mourvèdre. Once part of the local cooperative, the Estate withdrew by steps to produce and bottle its own cuvees.

Frédéric Lignères, the owner, waived the use of chemical fertilizers in 2010 and crafts powerful, yet subtle Crus of Minervois and Minervois la Livinière. He is organic certified as from the 2023 vintage.

He built a buried cellar in 2015-2016, where he can work his harvest by gravity, with as little transfers and pumping as possible. The other advantage is obviously a temperature naturally controlled, definitely a plus in the South.

The main part of his vineyards is spread around the cellar.
The varietals are : Grenache, cinsault and carignan, 40 to 90 years old. Syrah and mourvèdre, 10 to 25 years old. Breakdown of the main varietals is : syrah 31%, carignan 18, mourvèdre 17 and grenache 15.

Goblet pruning for all varietals. Old Carignan and cinsault are harvested by hand, as well as the Cru la Livinière. Rest is mechanically harvested. Soil is mainly clay and limestone.







Domaine Lignères Lathenay