We sell the idea of a winemaker, his belief in a certain type of wine, which is the expression of his terroir and his skills.
Good winemakers are usually fascinating when they start talking about their wines. we try to make a bridge between their passion and the needs of our customers.



We will never replace the knowledge of the vintner explaining his wine.
However we can help giving him more exposure. We believe in quality and assume our part : find the customers interested in the wines we offer rather than sell wines suited to the mainstream of customers.



We know this area, its history, its architecture and its wines.
We have selected the Estates we work with for constant quality and reliability.

We want people who express their soil and varietals at best, to give a unique expression of these Regional wines.

A deep experience of wine export, made for 17 years in Great Britain and in the United States, importing French wines, has given me a good feeling for the needs and problems of this business.

A good rooting in this region has made me sensitive to the quality and the progress winemakers have made in the area.

Bringing the two together is the purpose of MAM Wines.