Domaine Pujol

12h30 Red
Minervois AOP 2020

Mercredi 12h30 Rouge

Estate bottled

Thyme blossoms in Spring

The 5 hectares owned by Louis Biscan in 1900 became Domaine Pujol when he married his daughter to Edouard Pujol in the thirties. Since then four generations have worked on the Estate. Today the property is totally self sufficient, with its own bottling, a brand new cellar and ageing facilities.

This major investment  currently shows some return, with a quality no one argues with and lots of projects ahead for further improvement.

Clay and gravels result from alluvium brought in the Tertiary. Vertical layers of sandstone and marl alternate, thus providing a very good drainage of the soil. Thyme blossoms here in Spring.

Domaine Pujol represents 120 hectares, 30 of which are Minervois AOC.







On the slopes of the « Balcons de l’Aude », amphitheater leaning against the Montagne Noire, facing South east, the soil of sandstone and clay is the perfect environment for aromatic plants and scrubland of the “garrigue”, bordering the vineyards.

Syrah 30%
Grenache 30%
Carignan 20%
Cinsault 15%
Mourvèdre 5%

Long maceration.

Traditional method, control of oxygen input.

Serve at around 15°C.
Complex aromas with fine notes of a subtle blend of fruit and spices, eucalyptus and black berries.
In the mouth lively introduction reminiscent of the garrigue, followed by a hint of sweetness, with a finish on a coating of subdued tannins.
Pates, dried sausage, roasted or grilled meats. Irish stew, chicken Kiev.