Domaine Bellavista

Muscat de Rivesaltes

Estate bottled

On a slope of the ``Aspre``

The Estate is built on a slope of the « Aspre », the foothills of the Pyrenees, which protect from the local North wind, « Tramontane ».

Bella Vista and its vineyards enjoy a beautiful view of the Roussillon and the Mediterranean.

Built in the 13th Century, it was then just a sheeppen and land. It grew in acreage with the centuries and was beginning of the 20th a farm, with various cultivations including vines. For a long time the grapes went to the local cooperative.

Bought by the Bertrand family in 1992 as a wine producing Estate, it has since started bottling its own cuvees.

The Estate is BIO (Ecocert certified) since the 2013 vintage.







Located in the hills of the « Aspres », at an elevation between 100 and 200m, the vineyards grow on clay and gravel for some, brown schists for the other.

Main features are heat and little rain.

Muscat d'Alexandrie 100%

Texte texte texte texte.

Serve at  10 / 12°C.

This wine can be enjoyed as an aperitive, or Summer afternoon drink when chilled.

Cool, it will pair gracefully with pear pastry or almond cake.