Domaine Pujol

Les Ailes Imaginaires
Minervois AOP 2021

Les Ailes Imaginaires

Estate bottled

Thyme blossoms in Spring

The 5 hectares owned by Louis Biscan in 1900 became Domaine Pujol when he married his daughter to Edouard Pujol in the thirties. Since then four generations have worked on the Estate. Today the property is totally self sufficient, with its own bottling, a brand new cellar and ageing facilities.

This major investment  currently shows some return, with a quality no one argues with and lots of projects ahead for further improvement.

Clay and gravels result from alluvium brought in the Tertiary. Vertical layers of sandstone and marl alternate, thus providing a very good drainage of the soil. Thyme blossoms here in Spring.

Domaine Pujol represents 120 hectares, 30 of which are Minervois AOC.







In the terroir of Saint Frichoux, in the eastern part of the balconies of the Aude, there are the hills or « mourels », where since ancient times vines resistant to drought have been planted.
Grenache grows well here, dominated by the hill where the « cers », an easterly wind, blows and where the mill should have been built. It never was, and its wings remain forever imaginary.

Grenache Noir 80%
Syrah 20%

Harvest performed usually in the second half of the harvest, often end of September or beginning of October. Grapes are sorted.
Fermentation and maceration of three weeks.
Traditional winemaking with pumping over the cap to infuse the skins with their soft tannic structure and colouring matters. Gentle pressing allows further extraction of elegant tannins.

To be enjoyed serve at between 15 and 17°C.

A beautiful dark and brilliant colour, a nose of red fruits and sweet spices with a hint of smoke.
On the palate, sensation of soft roundness and tenderness.
The finish is particularly pleasant with a flavor that may make you want more.
A few carefully selected cold meats, maybe just jamon serrano or Virginia ham.
Grilled duck breast, Wiener Schnitzel or veal scaloppini with cream and mushrooms