Domaine Girard

Pinot noir 2020
Vin de Pays d’Oc


Estate bottled

On the south side of the ``Massif de la Malepère``

Domaine Girard was set up beginning of the 20th century in Alaigne and has seen four generations of winegrowers tend its vines.

The last one to come in is Philippe, who joined his father end of 1999. They then decided to bottle their production and their first vintage was 2000.

On the South side of the Massif de la Malepère, this Estate grows 25 hectares of varietals among which merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, cot, pinot noir and chardonnay.

The village of Alaigne stands against the « cuesta » that is the natural border of the area of appellation Malepère. Here the vineyards reach an altitude of 350 meters.







The Estate sits on 25 hectares of various varietals, cabernet franc, merlot, pinot and chardonnay.

The soils are mainly clay and silt, with some gravels on top of the hills.
The parcel is called Font-Cailhau. Grass grows in the vineyard and provides natural feeding of the soils by ploughing.

Pinot Noir 100%

The harvest is done by hand, in small flat containers to protect the grapes from crushing. Yield is around 35 Hl/ha. The harvest is totally destemmed.
Maceration lasts 4 to 5 days at low temperatures (8-10°C)
Fermentaion is traditional, with 2 to 3 daily punchings of the cap.
Frermentation with the skins is rather long, and is determined by tasting.
Soft pressing, followed by a vat maturation. No treatment is made before bottling.

Serve at 16 / 18°C.

A ripe pinot, with layers of various tastes. A good balance between power and fruit.

It will match sophisticated meat dishes, but will also complement beautifully venison dishes, or enhance the traditional « Coq au vin ».