Château Milhau Lacugue

Cuvée du Chasseur
Languedoc red AOP 2019


Estate bottled

Major temperature differences

Château Milhau Lacugue is located North from the village of Puisserguier, West from Beziers. Between 88 and 205 m high, its vineyards receive a lot of wind, which makes for one of its main characters, major temperature differences.

As for many properties in this area, an old Roman villa can be found at its origin : Villa Emilio, Emilius’ farm, which stood on one of the Roman roads that ran around the Mediterranean.

Owned by the Order of the Hospitaliers in the Middle Ages, Milhau is a rest area on the way to Compostellla. Several corner stones on the Domain still bear the 8 branches star of the Order.

Sold as a Nation’s property after the French Revolution, the Estate will not be split until 1927. It will then take 40 years to put it back together. This is done from 1969 by the Lacugue family.







On the Milhau estate, the terroir specifically classified as Languedoc includes two types of geological zones:
sedimentary clay-limestone plots on a white chalky substrate from the Miocene : cinsault
. plots of land on red clay-gravel substrate making up the south-east hillside of the estate : syrah, grenache noir and vieux Carignan.
Both zones have a West/ Nort West exposure.

Syrah 58%
Carignan 16%
Grenache Noir 16%
Cinsault 10%

the difference in maturity of the grape varieties allows the Syrah and Cinsault to be grouped together and fermented, followed by Grenache and Carignan.
The grapes are de-stemmed in the vineyard or destemmed on arrival in the cellar.
The alcoholic fermentation is done under temperature control with air pumping over, delestage followed by percolation. Maceration lasts nearly three weeks before running off and pressing.
The maturation is accompanied by several rackings with aeration.

Serve at 18°C.

A rich and complex palette of red and black fruits, garrigue and spice aromas.
Accompanies cold meats, raw vegetables, meats and cheeses.