Domaine des Grécaux

Terra Solis 2015
Terrasses du Larzac

Terra solis - Grecaux

Estate bottled

On the slopes of the ``Causse du Larzac``

The appellation « Terrasses du Larzac » was granted in 2012.

High on the slopes of the Larzac plateau, which culminates at 850 m, the terrasses get cool air from the Larzac.

Temperature difference can reach 20°C between day and night in Summer.

This means a slow maturing of the grapes and powerful and complex wines.







The varietals used for Hemera come from a plateau, called le « Causse », at an elevation of 370 m, just beneath the Causse du Larzac. Lots of stones, regular strong winds and cool nights make the conditions for spicy and strong wines. The vineyards are at the upper limit of wine growing in the area.

Two main varietals can be found on the estate : Syrah and Grenache, plus a small acreage of Carignan and Mourvèdre.

The Estate works according to biodynamic principles and is Ecocert certified.

The harvest is totally manual.

Breakdown of the varietals is :

Grenache Noir 60%
Carignan 30%
Mourvèdre 10%

The harvest is totally destemmed, parcels are vinified separately. Fermenting time from 4 to 5 weeks.

Separate maturation of Grenache, Carignan and Mourvèdre in vat.

Grenache and Carignan are assembled after 18 months then aged for another 12 months in vats.

Beautiful fruit expression from the Grenache. Very deep both in colour and in taste.

A food wine to be paired with tasty dishes or a tray of various cheese.

It is probably better to decant the wine prior to serving.